Maxeff Motors - A major step in electric motor operating cost savings

Save Electrical Energy

Large or small, even single phase, manufacturers or users, integrating MAXEFF motors in your units will help you beat the competition in manufacturing cost and motorized unit performances!

We have solved reactive power and inrush current problems.
Save the cost of additional electronic devices and their maintenance budget.
Get substantial $$$ savings on your operating costs.

Why choose Maxeff Motors

We know that reducing consumption of electricity is impossible because of industry and market growth; the only way to proceed is to consume more rationally and more efficiently. Maxeff offers precisely this! Join Maxeff in eliminating wasted energy motor by motor.

The induction electric motor is the work horse of the industry, millions of all sizes are allowing our industries to work and prosper. The induction motor is so broadly and commonly used that we expect it to continue running forever. However, this motor has a lot of issues that make it the only electrical device that is incapable of using all the power received from the grid. Looking at its efficiency level (Power in versus Power out) it looks good, 85% EFF for the smallest rated and 96% for the biggest rated and recently built. Nonetheless its usage of the grid power remains poor as the best one out there runs around 0.90 PF and only at its optimum load factor around 85% to 90%.

Maxeff Technology takes the same motor and converts it to its novel design (Or produces new ones) so it now becomes fully efficient at any load, in any condition. Not only will it not pollute the grid with reactive, it will help all the other non Maxeff motors to pollute the grid less. All while remaining at the same or better efficiency rating, regardless of size, speed and voltage.

For example a standard slow speed motor (6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 poles) has a very poor power factor, thus uses a lot of current. Maxeff motors of any speed have a power factor of 0.95 to 1.0.

All this is not magic or perpetual motion like some would say. It is possible because the Maxeff secondary induction circuit constantly converts the would-be reactive component of the induction motor into active energy for as long as it is connected to the grid.

Decrease your manufacturing costs using MAXEFF energy efficient motors.
Energy saving motors
Energy saving motors