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Maxeff New Born

Whats New at Maxeff?
  • Our new integrated soft start is a great feature that all our new customers will appreciate. As explained in the previous pages, this allows you to start, stop and restart your Maxeff motors in an unlimited fashion without any undesirable side effects, like overheat or excessive peak demand charges. This is an option available on all Maxeff motors. All you have to do is request it and everything will come in a single enclosure along with your Maxeff motor. You can also use this same unit as your motor starter. Thus if you choose to get this kit with your Maxeff motor, you will not need any other components to operate your motor for the life of it.
  • Our new born wash down Maxeff motor is totally enclosed non-ventilated, totally waterproof and built of stainless steel. It will not create heat, it can run in the worst conditions, it doesn’t need any particular care as it has no outside moving parts, other than the shaft. This motor can also handle great overloads up to double the nominal HP on a semi-continuous duty. We are starting with small HP, 1Hp, 2Hp, 3Hp and 5Hp, we can built it up to 100Hp upon request; Nema and IEC frames sizes and any speed / Voltage combination you may need.
  • Maxeff 2 speed motors: We have designed a new 2 speed Maxeff motor in speed ranges of: 3600/1800 rpm, 1800/900 rpm, 1200/600 rpm and 900/450rpm. In applications like condenser fans of any size, we can offer a 2 speed motor that is easily controlled without VFD or any electronic components. This allows for enormous energy savings. When you don’t need full air movement, you can just switch to low speed on automatic if you program it in your PLCs’ or manually with the flip of a button, then back to full speed as your systems requires it.Normally, low speed motors are not used much because of their great inefficiency and very poor Power Factor. Maxeff low speed designs have the same efficiency and higher Power Factor than any market premium efficiency high speed motor. So, use them to reduce your airflow anytime you can, and save energy. This is available in new motors as well as your existing motor conversions to Maxeff 2 speeds.


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