Maxeff Motors - A major step in electric motor operating cost savings

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Our Maxeff motor vs a standard motor
MAXEFF motors

MAXEFF motor features an induction motor circuit just like any other electric motor. Additionally, however, Maxeff also includes a new induction built-in generator circuit all in one. The two circuits share the same magnetic field, rotor and stator. This allows Maxeff motors to produce substantially greater shaft power than like-rated induction electric motors. Unlike all other induction motors, Maxeff has no reactive component; therefore does not pollute the grid and requires substantially fewer Amps to do same work. Better yet, Maxeff will correct your plant power factor for free as a result. Its integrated generator circuit is constantly using the motor available magnetic material to produce negative V.A.R. This production is reverse proportional with the actual motor shaft load , thus heavier shaft loads allows smaller production, and lighter shaft loads yield bigger production. This co- generated V.A. (Volts/Amps) always leads the grid power in phase angle. The Maxeff induction generator circuit constantly produces a current that leads the line voltage like an alternative power source. Maxeff motors eliminate virtually all wasted energy of standard induction motors.

Maxeff has introduced a unique built-in electrical and mechanical soft start, without the use of external and additional electronic components. This is accomplished only via electromechanical contactors and a sequence of internal automated connections.  This allows the Maxeff motor to receive the grid power at only 1/3 of its nominal HP rolling automatically to 2/3 and then to full HP. This unique feature will simply reduce the inrush current as low as only 1.5 times the motor nominal full load current versus 7 times for standard motors; allowing Maxeff motors to ramp up in speed smoothly and progressively. This novel soft start sequence allows the Maxeff motor to be started from generators half the size compared to standards. Example: Where a standard motor would require a 200 KVA generator to start, a comparable Maxeff will start on a 100 KVA generator. No more squeaky belts, prematurely destroyed couplings and pump seals, no longer forced to leave your motor running because of its limit of 3 starts per hour. All Maxeff motors can start, stop and restart as many times as you need in an unlimited fashion without any risk of motor overheat. No more idle run, just turn your Maxeff motor off if you don’t need it.

Our Maxeff motor circuit layout diagram

Maxeff motor torque vs. speed

Industry uses for our power factor correction motors.
Our energy saving motors decrease the inrush current.