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Maxeff Harsh environment and Wash Down motor line

We have designed and built these specialty motors to withhold any external aggression, by fresh water, salt water, chemicals, heavy change in temperatures, and hazardous materials.  These motors can run in any conditions, they are TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated) this means that nothing will obstruct the external fan like all TEFC motors because of not having any external moving parts, allowing these motors to run and perform in any conditions not affected by any external disturbances. These motors are built with stainless steel and certain aluminum parts. (On request they can be built 100% stainless steel). We can build these motors to match your specifications and needs, any sizes, frames, speeds, voltages and   frequency up to 100HP. (Larger HP can by requested). These motors incorporate Maxeff technology thus they use a lot less current than any other motors and they all run at PF 1.00

Slow speed motors,

Maxeff makes the best slow speed multi poles motor. The problem of all multi poles slow speed motors is the high current and the very low PF (Power Factor).     Maxeff solves these problems completely. New Maxeff slow speed motors can be purchased. Also any of your existing slow speed motors can be retrofitted to Maxeff design, than they will run at even better PF and lower current than any high speed (3600rpm) or regular speed (1800rpm) motor of comparable sizes. Example: We have retrofitted all 16 cooling tower fan motors for Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida. These motors are all 14 poles 590 rpm direct fan drives, before conversion they were running at power factor 0.36 (Standard feature for this type motors), now they all are running at PF 0.98 and at much lower current. They have stopped polluting the power grid with very high KVAR. The following pictures are from Moffitt Cancer Center cooling towers, all motors are Maxeff retrofits, the first ones were installed in 2008.

Treatment plant and /or any pumping systems.

Maxeff has sold many motors as well retrofitted many pumps in the water treatment industry. For example the City of Sarasota have multiple Maxeff motor retrofits, one of them is vertical hollow shaft motor on a lift station. (See picture hereafter vertical 50HP). The City has conducted a detailed analysis of that particular motor before and after the retrofit to Maxeff technology. The PDF report is posted here after.

Sheffield Utility have purchased a new Maxeff 300hp with Maxeff soft start and complete motor control system, this was and upgrade of their pumping and water treatment facility.  This was part of an energy conservation project conducted by the local power company (See the last 3 pictures on the right here above). Example showing the special aspect of this Maxeff equipment: Prior to this the pump station had a 250hp pump and motor. The station need a bigger pump but needed to limit their power consumption, a local engineering company studied the project and recommended a Maxeff system. This station has a 220KVA standby generator in case of power outage. After the 300hp Maxeff system was installed they realize that the standby generator would be too small to start this new 300hp motor. (This was a theoretical supposition based on electrical standards). We told them to try starting it anyway, mocking smiles immediately showed on everyone’s face. We insisted that they go to standby power (Generator power) and start the Maxeff motor and pump. At everyone big surprise the 300hp Maxeff went thru its start sequence and started right up without even diming the pump house lights. We were asked to stop and restart this motor 3 times in the following few minutes. Than we have asked them to please do the same and start the 200hp standard motor and pump that was next to it with the same generator. When they did it dimmed all the lights of the pump house and it tripped the generator breaker. This was enough to prove Maxeff soft start ability.

Compressor motors, Maxeff motors are installed on many large PET compressors (Pressure Molding 40 bars compressors) Multiples of Maxeff motors are found in major beverage Companies, soft drinks and brewery. (In the pictures here under you can see a 315KW/422HP and a 550KW/737HP Maxeff motor.)

Blower motor systems, Maxeff motors are also installed in various aluminum plants driving bag house blower fans.


The picture here above shows a 200HP Maxeff retrofit at Smelters Services (Aluminum Plant Mont Pleasant Tennessee.)

In this Tennessee plant they had a significant problem. They needed to upgrade the size of their furnaces.  This was requiring bigger bag house blowers from 5- 125hp they needed to jump to 5- 200hp blowers. To do this all wiring, cables, motor starters had to be upgraded to match the bigger motors. This was expensive and complicated because the plant is old. They explored other options and landed on Maxeff, we have retrofitted already 3- 200hp motors that they gave us and installed them in place of the 125hp with the new blowers. Today they are running the 3- 200hp motors driving the bigger fans on all the original power system  that they had for the125hp, they never even readjusted the breakers breaking point, and they are using less power than before.


The above picture is a 75HP Maxeff retrofit at Anheuser Busch Jacksonville Florida; this plant has multiple other Maxeff retrofits.


Maxeff Industries, Inc has also full repair shop and complete rebuilt capabilities for any size, type, models and voltages of electric motors and generators from any industries and naval sector. We have 40 years of naval and industrial experience in the field of electric motors and generator worldwide from any existing power system.


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What is Maxeff technology and what can it do – Maxeff Statement.pdf | Download PDF

City of Sarasota report analysis Maxeff retrofit – Maxeff Motor Test.pdf | Download PDF

(County of Sarasota test report of stage blower Maxeff retrofit)


(Pepsi Co. New York PET new Maxeff motor and compressor test analysis)


(Pepsi Co. Michigan PET new Maxeff motor and compressor test analysis)