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Founder Letter

Dear all,

I am a very simple and humble type of individual that truly cares about our planet and the well-being of our children. I originally started my life sailing the world on a small sail boat with my Mom and Dad. Mom was a high school teacher and Dad an Electrical Mechanical Engineer that had electric motor shops.

I have been working on electric motors and generators ever since I can remember. Dad had me wind my first motor at the age of 13. At 18, I was running the family motor shop in the south Pacific. This year I turn 60, so you can see that I have great experience in motors and generators. With a good 42 years of electric motor and generator work, I have accumulated tremendous knowledge and experience in this field.

I have worked all over the world from the south Pacific, to Europe, the Caribbean and the USA. I have vast experience on ships and power plants as I was often stationed in islands servicing and maintaining major harbors and local power plants. This is where my desire of building a better motor came from, because of knowing both ends (Power production and Electric motors). I studied and experimented for two decades, then I started filing patents on my inventions. In fact, I am still studying and will have more patents out shortly.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.

With Respect.
Gerald Goché

Company founder and Inventor : Gérald Goché
40 years in research and maintenance
of industrial motors and generators.

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