Maxeff Motors - A major step in electric motor operating cost savings


Electric Motor Consumption
Motors for industrial use with 3 times less at start up and 15% less when running.

Industry applications for Maxeff are infinite. In many areas now industrial companies are penalized for demand and peak power.  Maxeff will reduce KVA demand by a minimum of 15% and up to 30% at motor full load. At any loads under 65% to 50%, Maxeff will reduce KVA by 50% to 70%. At no load it can reduce to a dramatic 90%. However, at no load, as we have explained how Maxeff will work for you, just turn your Maxeff motor off, it will not cost you to restart.

Peak demands are charged to you as a prorated value of the level of inrush current that the motors in your plant will need to start. Maxeff motors will reduce this value by 3 times, thus keeping your utility rates at a much lower level of charges. Of course Maxeff will also save you straight KW/H on all your motors at about 6% to 12% depending on your motor’s run profiles.

If Power Factor (Cos ᵠ) is a concern for you, Maxeff motors not only run at 0.999 at all loads but they will also correct your plant Power Factor for free.
Today Maxeff motors are installed in multiple industrial sectors, driving compressors of all types, many pumps in water treatment plants, conveyors, hydraulic systems, stage blowers, cooling tower fans…etc.

Motors for the ship building industry.

The naval sector is very special to Maxeff. As we all know, electrical power onboard ships is provided by diesel driven generators. The founder and inventor of Maxeff is an ex-naval sailor and boat builder fellow. Onboard a ship the important things are reliability, functionality, using the least fuel as possible and certainly energy optimization. Maxeff does exactly this by requiring the very least KVA from the generator at all times.

Generators are expensive to buy and to run, they are also sized as a prorated dimension of all the motors onboard the ship. The ratio is about 2 ½ to 3 times the size of the largest motors on the ship. The reason for this is that induction motors have a big appetite for inrush current in order to be able to start. For this precise reason, major manufacturers are selling electronic soft starts. These units do reduce the motor inrush current but they have limitations in number of starts as they are absorbing the motor current demand at each start. Another shortfall of these devices is that electronics do not like salt water and/or salt air. Failure of a motor to start on a ship could bring an immediate catastrophe.

Maxeff soft start is not electronic and is not limited in number of starts, because it does not have to absorb any excess current from the motor. A Maxeff motor automatically reduces its size to 1/3 of the nominal at the time of start. In standard induction motors the square of the nominal current is required at the time of start, this causes the internal winding of the motor to overheat greatly. This is why standard motors cannot start more than 3 times on the hour and require so many Amps from the power line.

Example: Starting a 100hp motor standard in 460 Volts requires from the power line (Onboard generator) 125 amps x 7 = 875 Amps. Starting a 100hp Maxeff in 460 Volts requires 41.6 amps x 7 = 291.2 Amps.

This is why the Maxeff motor will start on a much smaller sized generator (100hp Maxeff will start on 100KVA generator) without any electronic components added to the motor. All you need to make this happen onboard your ship is to buy a Maxeff motor.

Everything is included in a single buy:
the motor, the motor starter and motor control, the soft start and reactive power control of your Maxeff motor and of the other motors in your onboard power grid. This entire kit resides in just the motor itself and one single external enclosure, (Just 2 elements and no complicated install on your part).

Low noise motors designed for the building industry.

All buildings – industrial, commercial, hotels, governments, hospitals, convention centers and more – have multiple electric motors for water distribution, HVAC, fire safety, elevators, escalators and more. The cost of running a hospital or hotel, for example, is greatly impacted by all the motors that are running on the back walls and in the mechanical rooms. Just like any industrial plant, the power bill is impacted by KVA demand, peak demand penalties, poor power factor penalties and KW/H consumed. The operating cost of every motor is affected by this, regardless of its size or application.

By using new Maxeff motors or retrofitting your existing motorized units, you will reduce your operating and maintenance cost – guaranteed. The Maxeff organization will work with you to determine where Maxeff motors will benefit you the most. By using Maxeff on any of your circulating pumps, condenser fans, evaporator fans, boiler pumps or air compressors, you will see a substantial motor operating cost reduction in your power budget.

Mobile Units
Fuel saving motors for skids.

All mobile units or operations, as well as islands and remote areas, are 100% dependent on diesel driven generators like boats, yachts, cruise ships, cargos, emergency rescue organizations and the military. All of these rely on diesel generators to power everything electric – water pumps, conveyor, air supply, ventilation and air-conditioning. Since they all must run using electric motors, they require diesel fuel transportation and storage.

By using Maxeff motors you will need substantially less produced power, thus less diesel fuel, and a much smaller generator size for the same work produced. This is only possible using less Amps to run and start any of your motors. This is possible only by using Maxeff motors and without electronics.

Money saving motors for water treatment plants.

Maxeff has been working with various water treatment plants in the Southeast US. We have mainly retrofitted existing pump motors, aerators, and stage blowers with a great rate of success. Each time we install a new motor in a municipality, it leads to substantial savings in motor operating cost. All savings are documented and available. All motor projects are subject to full power trend before and after conversion.

On these particular applications the field results always present an average 8.5% to 9.5% instant KW at the motor leads and more with time in actual KW/H. The KVA demand and the Amps always show a 20% to 30% reduction, the Power Factor always reaches a minimum of 97%. The return on investment ranges between 16 and 22 months depending on the amount of running hours of each unit. This is a great program to save on motor operating costs.

Some side effects of the way Maxeff motors run and start will also save on maintenance costs of the pump or whatever you are driving with your Maxeff motor. For example, on long shaft pumps, the shaft seals often break and leak. Frequent starts are violent for the long shaft and cause it to move in a lateral fashion, destroying the mechanical seal. This will disappear with the Maxeff soft start sequence! And you don’t even have to purchase and install expensive electronic soft starts.