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About us

You can get Maxeff motors into your plant by either retrofitting your existing motors (Some restrictions may apply depending on the quality of your motors, we’ll help you determine this). Or you can buy new Maxeff motors. We have various retrofit facilities to serve you depending on your physical location.

We can retrofit any size motor of any speed, voltages, frequency and applications. Some restrictions apply depending on the actual quality of your motors internal parts (mainly magnetic core and rotor; and also shaft and bearing housings and journals). On typical retrofit projects, we’ll help you gain the best value for your investment. Thus we’ll study your systems and perform energy audits of your drive systems to guarantee performance and reduction of your motor operating cost.

The same procedure will apply when you buy new Maxeff motors. We completely warranty all new Maxeff motors for 24 months. Retrofitted motors will carry 24 month warranty on all electrical components and 12 month on all mechanical parts.

A Look at Our Factory

Energy Efficient Soft Start Motors by Maxeff Energy Efficient Soft Start Motors by Maxef Energy Efficient Soft Start Motors by Maxef

Company founder and Inventor : Gérald Goché
40 years in research and maintenance
of industrial motors and generators.
Maxeff founder Gerald Goche

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