Maxeff Motors - A major step in electric motor operating cost savings
Maxeff technology has solved the two major issues in electrical motors:
Reactive Power and Inrush Current.
Received KVA = KW consumed
Inrush starting current divided by 3 without electronics
Best effectiveness of power grid usage = No energy wasted

Maxeff is now in Australia with new representatives in Brisbane, Melbourne and Western Australia.

Major Mining Company is starting to install new Maxeff motors and will be revamping existent motors to Maxeff technology.

Multiple new Maxeff motors were recently install on large PET compressors on the island of Jamaica.

Multiple new Maxeff motors are being installed on existing equipment in major breweries in the Bahamas.

Multiple utilities in the Southeast US are gradually converting their existing motors to Maxeff technology with very good savings rates.

Maxeff’s aggressive R & D department have recently developed a couple of new born, specially designed, wash down motors for very harsh environments.

A special category of Maxeff motors  are now capable of achieving a 2.0 Service Factor.

Maxeff is now selling a complete motor package that includes motor, motor starter, motor soft start and reactive energy control, all in one package. Just one purchase will get you all you need for your new motorized projects.